International Disease Mapping Apps Ltd, a start-up company aiming to mitigate specific infectious diseases through easily accessible web and mobile applications.
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LymeApp, our first product, aims to help reduce the risk of tick bites to users, and therefore the incidence of Lyme disease.
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Lyme Disease (Lyme Borreliosis) is caught from bites by ticks found in forests and grassland. Diagnosed cases have risen tenfold to an estimated 3000/year in Scotland and more than 65,000/year in Europe. The disease causes substantial losses in productivity, with increasing economic and social cost.
LymeApp aims to encourage positive behavioural change in users, reducing their risk of tick bites, and thereby reducing the incidence of Lyme Borreliosis.


International Disease Mapping Apps Limited, ID MAPPS Ltd, is a start-up company whose mission is to become a leader in mitigating specific infectious diseases through the provisioning of NHS quality-assured information, and accurate mathematical models displayed visually through user-friendly maps, and made easily accessible through web and mobile-based applications.