Who we are

International Disease Mapping Apps Limited, ID MAPPS Ltd, is a start-up company based in Inverness, Scotland.
Our mission is to become a leader in mitigating specific infectious diseases through the provisioning of NHS quality-assured information and accurate, mathematical, models displayed visually through user-friendly maps, and made easily accessible through web and mobile-based applications.

If you have any questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if it has already been answered, otherwise feel free to contact us either through our contact form or by email.

Our Partners

Scotland’s Rural College

SRUC leads the LymeApp project. SRUC’s Epidemiology Research Unit (ERU) in Inverness has expertise in endemic and epidemic disease control, veterinary epidemiology, zoonotic disease research, advanced skills in statistical and mathematical modelling of disease, and experience in One Health approaches that consider human, animal and environmental factors. SRUC provides epidemiological advice and has a specific responsibility for data processing, management and storage; integration of different data types (satellite, terrestrial and disease); identification of appropriate covariates; development of statistical models; production of spatially explicit risk maps and ensuring the delivery of the System and Service Design and Development component of the project.

Environmental Research Group Oxford Ltd

Environmental Research Group Oxford Ltd is a small consultancy founded in 1984 and specialising in spatial analysis and modelling of diseases and the vectors that carry them. As a partner, ERGO provides this expertise to LymeApp project in two ways: to assist with the modelling and mapping of both Lyme Borreliosis cases and the tick vectors. ERGO provides the LymeApp project with the processed satellite imagery and other environmental, demographic and other data needed to drive the models that underlay the maps shown in the App.

Highland Health Ventures Ltd

Highland Health Ventures Ltd (HHVL) works collaboratively with NHS Highland, organisations such as the European Space Agency and companies based in the NEXUS life sciences cluster on the Inverness Campus. Together, we seek to develop innovative health and care solutions that are central to the delivery of these services in the Highlands of Scotland and more widely.

Avia GIS

Avia is a world leader in insect vector research and modelling, and coordinates a number of vector distribution research projects in Europe. Avia has expertise in converting the existing state-of-the-art information and science into user-friendly decision support products and expertise in translating emerging science into commercial activities and marketing those products. Avia are already major players at the centre of European Vector Borne Disease (VBD) networks. The company provides its expertise to LymeApp project in two ways: In the calibration of the maps and in the design and development of the software that provides the LymeApp smartphone application and website, with its integrated tick maps and Lyme disease maps.