Where to find information in LymeApp

One of the objectives of LymeApp is to provide accessible Tick and Lyme Disease information.
The majority of information contained within LymeApp is available even in areas with little, or no, mobile/WiFi signal (once the app has been downloaded).

The following guide demonstrates how to access the information contained within LymeApp. While the following steps have been performed on an iOS device, they will be identical on an Android device.

Step 1

On the frontpage of the app, you will see some quick links which will take you direct to useful information pages.

For more information, tap or click on the icon titled “Information”.

Step 2

You will be taken to the page shown in the screenshot.
The top list on this page provides links to Tick information pages.

The amount of information displayed will depend on your level of access.

Step 3

Scrolling down this page will reveal a list of Lyme Disease information pages.

As above, the amount of information you see will depend on your level of access.

Step 4

The last section is only visible to users who are classed as Healthcare professional. This section contains medical information on Lyme Disease, including how to diagnose, treat, and manage patients showing symtoms of Lyme Disease.

Step 5

Clicking on any of the list items will take you to the information page for that particular topic.

From here you can navigate to to the previous page by tapping/clicking on the back button (top right), or tapping/clicking on the Information icon on the bottom navigation bar.

Alternatively, you can bring up a navigational menu which will provide a convinient way of navigating around the information available in LymeApp (top left “burger button”).

Step 6

This is what the navigation menu, mentioned in step 5, looks like.

Tap on any option to navigate to that page.

To close the menu, click on to the right of menu – this will close the menu and take you back to the article you were previously viewing.

Further Support

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact support@idmapps.com