LymeApp User Testing Guide

For the purposes of the testing phase, the LymeApp Beta (test version of App) will be made available for download to testers through Microsoft’s AppCenter.

AppCenter is a service which allows the beta version of the LymeApp mobile app to be easily, and quickly, updated without the delays associated with the usual App Stores (Google PlayStore and Apple App Store). For this reason, additional details (obtained in the ‘LymeApp Mobile Device Registration Form’) and steps are required.

To assist you on registering-to and downloading the app from AppCenter we have created a collection of guides, these can be found at the following link – ‘User Testing

We have also put together a handful of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which may answer any questions you may have in regards to testing LymeApp – ‘LymeApp User Testing – FAQs


These guides only apply to the LymeApp beta application (the version downloaded and used during the testing phase).
Once LymeApp goes-live, the application will be available through your device’s standard AppStore.

The following presentation has been provided to illustrate the testing phase and conviniently provide all relevant information and links: